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rc - shell
The generic hook into OpenRC.
Ordering rc-scripts
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts automatically executed at boot and shutdown
Special scripts
Configuration file for devd(8)
Initscript Configuration Files
Smaller configuration files
Specifies the default settings for all the available options.
The global OpenRC configuration file
GhostBSD specific configurations
Safely edit system rc files
Shows which services are running
Add or delete services
Locate and run an OpenRC service
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Here we will find all scripts to run OpenRC on GhostBSD.

Directory: /etc/init.d/*


Name Description
/etc/init.d/accounting Rotate the accounting logs
/etc/init.d/adjkerntz Sets the local clock to UTC or Local Time. Saves the current time in the BIOS.
/etc/init.d/amd amd_map_program
/etc/init.d/apm Advanced power management
/etc/init.d/apmd Advanced power management daemon
/etc/init.d/archdep hw.machine_arch
/etc/init.d/auditd Audit daemon
/etc/init.d/auditdistd Audit trail files distribution daemon
/etc/init.d/automount NFS Automount Client; desktop_generator="/usr/local/bin/trueos-mount"
/etc/init.d/automountd using start-stop-daemon
/etc/init.d/bgfsck Run fsck in background
/etc/init.d/blacklistd System blacklist daemon
/etc/init.d/bluetooth Bluetooth setup script
/etc/init.d/bootmisc Dummy service for boot services
/etc/init.d/bootparams Boot parameter daemon
/etc/init.d/bridge Network bridge setup
/etc/init.d/bsnmpd Simple and extensible SNMP daemon
/etc/init.d/bthidd OpenRC service file for the "hcsecd" daemon
/etc/init.d/ccd Concatenated disks setup
/etc/init.d/cfumass Configure the LUN for device mode USB mass storage
/etc/init.d/cleanvar Purge /var directory
/etc/init.d/cleartmp Purge /tmp directory; Make /tmp location variable for easier debugging.
/etc/init.d/cron Daemon to execute scheduled commands
/etc/init.d/ctld CAM Target Layer / iSCSI target daemon
/etc/init.d/ddb DDB kernel debugger
/etc/init.d/devd Device State Change Daemon
/etc/init.d/devfs devfs_rulesets_from_file file, reads a set of devfs commands from file, and creates the specified rulesets with their rules. Returns non-zero if there was an error.
/etc/init.d/devmatch Use devmatch(8) to load kernel modules
/etc/init.d/dhcpcd command=/sbin/dhcpcd; command_args="-q"
/etc/init.d/dmesg Save kernel boot messages to disk
/etc/init.d/dumpon Configures a specific kernel dump device
/etc/init.d/earlykld Loading early kernel modules:'for _kld in $early_kld_list ; do load_kld -e ${_kld}.ko $_kld
/etc/init.d/fsck Check and repair filesystems according to /etc/fstab
/etc/init.d/ftp-proxy Internet File Transfer Protocol proxy daemon
/etc/init.d/ftpd Internet File Transfer Protocol daemon
/etc/init.d/ Allow any sh script to work with einfo functions and friends; Code common to scripts that need to load a kernel module if it isn't in the kernel yet. Syntax: load_kld [-e regex] [-m module] file where -e or -m chooses the way to check if the module
/etc/init.d/gbde GEOM Based Disk Encryption
/etc/init.d/gptboot gpart shows disk to start boot, freebsd-ufs
/etc/init.d/growfs This allows us to distribute a image and have it work on essentially any size drive. TODO: Figure out where this should really be ordered. I suspect it should go just after fsck but before mountcritlocal.

Grow root partition to fill device

/etc/init.d/growzfs This script will dynamically resize the ZFS boot pool at startup
/etc/init.d/gssd Generic Security Services Daemon
/etc/init.d/hastd Highly Available Storage daemon
/etc/init.d/hcsecd Control link keys and PIN codes for Bluetooth devices
/etc/init.d/hostapd Authenticator for IEEE 802.11 networks
/etc/init.d/hostid First we check to see if there is a system UUID. If so then we use that and erase the hostid file, otherwise we generate a random UUID.
/etc/init.d/hostid_save Save unique host ID to disk
/etc/init.d/hostname Sets the hostname of the machine
/etc/init.d/inetd Internet \"super-server\"
/etc/init.d/iovctl command="/usr/sbin/iovctl"
/etc/init.d/ipfs Saves and restores information for NAT and state tables
/etc/init.d/ipfw Firewall, traffic shaper, packet scheduler, in-kernel NAT
/etc/init.d/ipfw_netflow irewall, ipfw, netflow
/etc/init.d/ipropd_master command="/usr/libexec/ipropd-master"
/etc/init.d/ipropd_slave command="/usr/libexec/ipropd-slave"
/etc/init.d/ipsec Internet Protocol Security protocol
/etc/init.d/iscsictl command="/usr/bin/${name}" and command_args="${iscsictl_flags}"
/etc/init.d/iscsid iSCSI initiator daemon
/etc/init.d/jail Manage system jails
/etc/init.d/kadmind command_args="$command_args &"
/etc/init.d/kdc command_args="$command_args --detach"
/etc/init.d/keyserv command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/kfd after network; keyword -shutdown
/etc/init.d/kldxref Generate hints for the kernel loader
/etc/init.d/kpasswdd command_args="$command_args &"
/etc/init.d/ldconfig command=/sbin/ldconfig
/etc/init.d/local Run /etc/rc.local and /etc/shutdown.local"
/etc/init.d/local_unbound Local caching forwarding resolver
/etc/init.d/localmount Mounts disks and swap according to /etc/fstab
/etc/init.d/lockd command=/usr/sbin/rpc.lockd
/etc/init.d/lpd Line printer spooler daemon
/etc/init.d/mdconfig OpenRC -> rc.d redirect script, create and control memory disks
/etc/init.d/mdconfig2 Create and control memory disks (stage 2)
/etc/init.d/mixer extra_commands="restore"
/etc/init.d/modules Loads a user defined list of kernel modules.
/etc/init.d/motd Update kernel info in /etc/motd; Must be done *before* interactive logins are possible to prevent possible race conditions.
  • command=/usr/sbin/mountd
  • command_args=$mountd_flags
  • name="Service remote NFS mount requests"
/etc/init.d/mountlate Mount filesystems with \"late\" option from /etc/fstab
/etc/init.d/moused Console Mouse Daemon
/etc/init.d/moused.ums0 Console Mouse Daemon
/etc/init.d/moused.ums1 Console Mouse Daemon
/etc/init.d/natd Needed for network scripts
/etc/init.d/netmount Mounts network shares according to /etc/fstab.
/etc/init.d/network Until we can determine why devd is throwing some bogus
/etc/init.d/newsyslog name="newsyslog" required_files="/etc/newsyslog.conf" command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/nfscbd name="nfscbd" command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/nfsclient command=/usr/sbin/rpc.statd; command_args=$lockd_args
/etc/init.d/nfsd Load the nfsd kernel module
/etc/init.d/nfsuserd NFSv4 User Services
/etc/init.d/nisdomain Set NIS domain name
/etc/init.d/nscd Name Service Cache Daemon
/etc/init.d/nsswitch Name-service switch
/etc/init.d/ntpd Network Time Protocol daemon
/etc/init.d/ntpdate Set the date and time via NTP
/etc/init.d/pf Packet Filter
/etc/init.d/pflog Packet filter logging interface
/etc/init.d/powerd Power Control Daemon
/etc/init.d/ppp Point to point protocol connections
/etc/init.d/rarpd Reverse ARP Daemon
/etc/init.d/rc-enabled Starting and stopping local rc services
/etc/init.d/resolv create /etc/resolv.conf from kenv
/etc/init.d/root Mount the root fs read/write
/etc/init.d/routing Routing setup
/etc/init.d/rpcbind RPC program number mapper
/etc/init.d/runsvdir command=/usr/bin/runsvdir
/etc/init.d/rwho name="rwhod" rcvar="rwhod_enable" command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/s6-svscan Creating s6 scan directory and stopping any remaining s6 services
/etc/init.d/savecache Saves the caches OpenRC uses to non volatile storage
/etc/init.d/savecore Saves a kernel dump.
/etc/init.d/sdpd Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol daemon
/etc/init.d/sendmail Sendmail startup script
/etc/init.d/sshd command=/usr/sbin/sshd
/etc/init.d/statd command=/usr/sbin/rpc.statd
/etc/init.d/staticroute Configures static routes
/etc/init.d/swap Activating swap devices; Deactivating swap devices
/etc/init.d/syscons Setting mode to $allscreen_flags for all screens
/etc/init.d/sysctl BSD_sysctl()
/etc/init.d/syslogd command=/usr/sbin/syslogd
/etc/init.d/timed Time server daemon
/etc/init.d/tmp Configure tmpfs
/etc/init.d/tmpfiles.setup Set up tmpfiles.d entries
/etc/init.d/ubthidhci command="/usr/sbin/usbconfig"
/etc/init.d/urandom Initializes the random number generator.
/etc/init.d/var NFS /var is not supported, unless NFS /var is part of diskless NFS /
/etc/init.d/watchdogd name="watchdogd" command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/wpa_supplicant find_wireless()
/etc/init.d/ypbind NIS domain binding daemon
/etc/init.d/ypldap NIS LDAP binding daemon
/etc/init.d/yppasswdd Server for updating NIS passwords
/etc/init.d/ypserv NIS database server
/etc/init.d/ypset tell ypbind(8) which YP server process to use
/etc/init.d/ypupdated name="ypupdated" command="/usr/sbin/rpc.${name}"
/etc/init.d/ypxfrd NIS map transfer server
/etc/init.d/zfs Starting ZFS
/etc/init.d/zfsd name="zfsd" command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
/etc/init.d/zvol Starting ZFS swap
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