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Entire Disk Installation

The entire disk can be allocated to GhostBSD, when using the Use Entire Disk option it will allocate a root(/) with UFS Journaling softupdates, SU+J and a swap that will equal the system ram. This option will fill the whole disk.

Use Entire Disk

Select the Use Entire Disk option to install GhostBSD on the entire disk selected.

Figure 2.5a: Selecting Disk, Installation option and Boot Manager


(This screen may look a bit differently on later versions.)

Choosing Disks

If multiple disks are connected, choose the one where GhostBSD is to be installed.


Warning! Make sure to Back up all important data on the target disk where GhostBSD will be installed. The GhostBSD installer will not ask before making changes to the disk, but once the process has started it cannot be undone.