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GhostBSD 10.2 Due for November 2015

Project Description Owner Skills Status Completion Date
Software Station Building the First full fledged pkgng front end package manager Python Gtk pkgng
GBI integrate entire disk option to the new GBI partition Manager Python GTK

GhostBSD 10.1 Due for May 2015

Project Description Owner Skills Status Completion Date
Update Station Building the first update manager for GhostBSD Eric GTK, Python, freebsd-update, pkgng, shell-script Open
Operator This is a feature to use sudo without password if the user is an operator and if not it will be ask for root password. Eric GTK+, C and Python. Open
GBI User and root password to itgrate poor to super strong password and password matching icon Eric Python GTK Done Monday, April 13 2015 This is to install all feature from git in to the GHostBSD build tool. Eric sh-script git Done Thursday, March 05 2015
GhostBSD wallpaper This is to remove wallpapers from ghostbsd-git and adding new wallpapers Eric sh-script image Done Thursday, March 05 2015
GhostBSD FAQ Updating FAQ for 10.1 and adding frequently ask question on Forums MediaWiki
GhostBSD User Handbook Updating GhostBSD installation process. Eric MediaWiki Open
PCDM Integrating PCDM to fit GhostBSD standard Eric File QT C++ Done Wednesday, March 18 2015