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The rc-status helper will print all currently active runlevels and the state of services in them.

All runlevels are represented as folders in /etc/runlevels/ with symlinks to the actual service scripts.
All services must reside in the /etc/init.d or /usr/local/etc/init.d directories. They must also conform to the OpenRC runscript standard.



    rc-status – show status info about runlevels


    rc-status [-aclsuC] [-f ini] [runlevel]


rc-status gathers and displays information about the status of services in different runlevels. The default behavior is to show information about the current runlevel and any unassigned services that are not stopped, but any runlevel can be quickly examined.

If an active service is being supervised by supervise-daemon(8,) the amount of time the daemon has been active along with the number of times it has been respawned in the current respawn period will be displayed.

The options are as follows:

    -a, --all               Show all runlevels and their services.
    -c, --crashed           List all services that have crashed.
    -f, --format            Select a format for the output. Currently, the
                            only one that can be specified is ini, which
                            outputs in *.ini format.
    -l, --list              List all defined runlevels.
    -m, --manual            Show all manually started services.
    -r, --runlevel          Print the current runlevel name.
    -S, --supervised        Show all supervised services.
    -s, --servicelist       Show all services.
    -u, --unused            Show services not assigned to any runlevel.
    -C, --nocolor           Disable color output.
    runlevel                Show information only for the named runlevel.


rc-status exits 0, except when checking for crashed services and it doesn't find any.


rc-status tries to list services within each runlevel in the presently resolved dependency order if the dependency tree is available.

Example for Rc-status

If you run

# rc-status

you will see which services are running:

Runlevel: default

dbus                                                  [  started 00:06:23 (0) ]
webcamd                                                           [  started  ]
moused                                                            [  started  ]
lightdm                                                           [  started  ]
avahi-daemon                                                      [  started  ]
vboxnet                                                           [  started  ]
netmount                                                          [  started  ]
devfs                                                             [  started  ]
ntpd                                                  [  started 00:06:20 (0) ]
cupsd                                                 [  started 00:06:21 (0) ]
local                                                             [  started  ]
avahi-dnsconfd                                                    [  started  ]
hald                                                              [  started  ]

Dynamic Runlevel: hotplugged

moused.ums0                                                       [  started  ]
webcamd.ugen0.4                                                   [  started  ]

Dynamic Runlevel: needed/wanted

tmp                                                               [  started  ]
cleartmp                                                          [  started  ]
var                                                               [  started  ]
cleanvar                                                          [  started  ]
ldconfig                                                          [  started  ]
ntpdate                                                           [  started  ]

Dynamic Runlevel: manual