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Welcome to Icon Disti GhostBSD.png Rc.conf.ghostbsd.
rc - shell
The generic hook into OpenRC.
Ordering rc-scripts
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts automatically executed at boot and shutdown
Special scripts
Configuration file for devd(8)
Initscript Configuration Files
Smaller configuration files
Specifies the default settings for all the available options.
The global OpenRC configuration file
GhostBSD specific configurations
Safely edit system rc files
Shows which services are running
Add or delete services
Locate and run an OpenRC service
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Rc.conf.ghostbsd is used for Live-CD.


Name Description
root_rw_mount="NO" Set to "YES" by default. After the file systems are checked at boot time, the root file system is remounted as read-write if this is set to "YES". Diskless systems that mount their root file system from a read-only remote NFS share should set this to "NO" in their rc.conf.
hostname="livecd" Live-CD
sendmail_enable="NONE" If set to "YES", run the sendmail(8) daemon at system boot time. If set to "NO", do not run a sendmail(8) daemon to listen for incoming network mail. This does not preclude a sendmail(8) daemon listening on the SMTP port of the loopback interface. The "NONE" option is deprecated and should not be used. It will be removed in a future release.
sendmail_submit_enable="NO" If set to "YES" and sendmail_enable is set to "NO", run sendmail(8) using sendmail_submit_flags instead of sendmail_flags. This is intended to allow local mail submission via a localhost-only listening SMTP service required for running sendmail(8) as a non-set-user-ID binary. Note that this does not work inside jail(2) systems, as jails do not allow binding to just the localhost interface.
sendmail_outbound_enable="NO" If set to "YES" and both sendmail_enable and sendmail_submit_enable are set to "NO", run sendmail(8) using sendmail_outbound_flags instead of sendmail_flags. This is intended to allow local mail queue management for systems that do not offer a listening SMTP service.
sendmail_msp_queue_enable="NO" If set to "YES", start a client (MSP) queue runner sendmail(8) daemon at system boot time. As of sendmail 8.12, a separate queue is used for command line submissions. The client queue runner ensures that nothing is left behind in the submission queue.
devfs_system_ruleset="devfsrules_common" Rule name(s) to apply to the system /dev itself.
kld_list="linux linux64 cuse" kld_list: A list of kernel modules to load right after the local disks are mounted. Loading modules at this point in the boot process is much faster than doing it via /boot/loader.conf for those modules not necessary for mounting local disk.
ntpd_sync_on_start="YES" sync time on start