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rc - shell
The generic hook into OpenRC.
Ordering rc-scripts
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts automatically executed at boot and shutdown
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Configuration file for devd(8)
Initscript Configuration Files
Smaller configuration files
Specifies the default settings for all the available options.
The global OpenRC configuration file
GhostBSD specific configurations
Safely edit system rc files
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The rcorder utility is designed to print out a dependency ordering of a set of interdependent files. Typically it is used to find an execution sequence for a set of shell scripts in which certain files must be executed before others.

Each file passed to rcorder must be annotated with special lines (which look like comments to the shell) which indicate the dependencies the files have upon certain points in the sequence, known as "conditions", and which indicate, for each file, which "conditions" may be expected to be filled by that file.

rc Script Ordering[edit]

Each rc script identifies what resources it needs before it can start. The rcorder(8) sorts all the scripts in /etc/rc.d and /usr/local/etc/rc.d in to the order used at system boot. If your rc scripts have any ordering errors, those errors appear at the beginning of your rcorder(8) output.

A Example rc Script[edit]

Lines Description
#!/bin/sh Indicates the interpreter /bin/sh
# $FreeBSD$
# PROVIDE: timed PROVIDE tells the rcorder(8) the name of the script: timed.
# REQUIRE: DAEMON REQUIRE says which other scripts must run any time before the script timed.
# BEFORE: LOGIN BEFORE says: timed must run before the LOGIN script.
# KEYWORD: nojail shutdown The KEYWORD command lets select only special sturtup scripts. The timed(8) script nojail and shutdown. Jail don't run this script. This script runs at system shutdown.
. /etc/rc.subr The /etc/rc.subr functions used by various rc scripts
name="timed" Set the variable name.
desc="Time server daemon" description field, purpose of the script
rcvar="timed_enable" lists the rc.conf variable that toggles this script
command="/usr/sbin/${name}" The command identifies which command this script should run after all.
load_rc_config $name load the the configuration for the service from /etc/rc.conf
run_rc_command "$1" run the command