Setting Language, Keyboard and Timezone

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Setting Language, Keyboard and Timezone

Language Menu

Selecting language menu


(This screen may look a bit differently on later versions.)

Select the language you would like to use after the installation. If it is not shown in the selection, do not worry, the language can be changed at login.

Note: GBI will be multilingual in the future and the language who are display is default language some of us speak.

Keyboard Menu

Selecting keyboard model, layout and variant menu


(This screen may look a bit differently on later versions.)

The model option is the model of your keyboard. This list has a huge amount of keyboard models. You do not need to specify one, however, by selecting this option it will give you full support of your keyboard.

The layout option is your country specific keyboard layout. It is the most common option to select. But if you have a standard keyboard you do not need to select that option.

The variant option is your type of keyboard. This option gives you the opportunity to select Dvorak, Qwerty and more. But most of the time you will not need to select one.

Note: If you use the default GhostBSD system keyboard setup you can skip by just click on forward. Also if you don't know your keyboard model and variant don't select any of those.

Time Zone menu

Setting the time zone for your machine will allow it to automatically correct for any regional time changes and perform other time zone related functions properly.

Selecting Time Zone


Select the continent you live in and choose your City.

(This screen may look a bit differently on later versions.)