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Welcome to theIcon Disti GhostBSD.png Sysadmin and Developer
Main Stations
TAR.pngArchivers Database server.pngDatabases Face-devilish.pngDevel
Rpzboray-ostrich.pngEmulators 1285037485.pngJava Dictionary.pngComputer Languages
Shipping.pngPorts-mgmt 48px-Gnome-security-high.pngSecurity Apps Matt-icons preferences-system.pngSysutils
Rodentia-icons text-x-playlist.pngText Editor 1296126657.pngDevelopment Apps
The complete application lists are sorted in categories.
You might as well search FreshPorts.png or Icon FreeBSD.png ports collection.
If a package is on this lists, than it is also in the GhostBSD ports collection and available as binary package.
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