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There are a lot of useful commands for GhostBSD. Most of them are written for FreeBSD and you can find them easy. They work also for GhostBSD. But some are hidden in the deep web. You get them from hints in different forums or on Telegram. The first we will connect to this page and the last we will collect on this page.

Common Commands

Basic Commands on Your system

See also in In your directories

For People New to Both Ghost/FreeBSD and UNIX

from Annelise Anderson

Short Comparison Linux and BSD

Common Commands

UNIX Command Summary


An introduction to Regular Expressions


A concise reference of vi commands


FreeBSD Command Reference

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Useful Overview

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FreeBSD Display Information About The System Hardware



This page gives an overview about all commands and there man pages (12,652 Total Pages): The UNIX and Linux Forums

Selected helpful Commands

Command Abstract Addition or Link
sudo pkg info os-generic-userland | grep Version Shows what version of GhostBSD I am running ericbsd on the forum
neofetch shows your installed version with a beastie logo
Fast, highly customizable system info script. This script gathers info about your system and prints it to the

terminal next to an image, your distro's logo or any ascii art of your choice!
sysctl kern.osreldate Shows the same result as uname -U sysctl(8)
uname -U you get: 1201500 or higher; part 1201 comes from FreeBSD-version 12.01 and 500 seems to bee the level of contribs. see also ericbsd; nixCraft Linux and Unix tutorials for new and seasoned sysadmin
OpenRC command scripts for auto-reboot and daemon startup
Jean victor balin book.png
dmesg Discover what hardware was detected by the kernel and other system related information. Jean victor balin book.png
dmesg | grep usb Show USB devices.
kldstat List all modules currently loaded in the kernel.
gpart The gpart utility is used to partition GEOM providers, normally disks Jean victor balin book.png
mount -t msdosfs /dev/da5s1 /mnt mount USB stick, the numbers 5 and 1 are exables, you have to get them with gpart for your system Jean victor balin book.png
ntfs-3g /dev/daxsy /mnt mount NTFS device
pciconf -lv Output to identify your video card Fred Finster 10.01.2020 on Telegram, see also Jean victor balin book.png
pciconf -l -cv Show PCI devices. Jean victor balin book.png
scanimage -L Shows if the scanner is connected and seen Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
sysctl hw.realmem Display hardware memory. Jean victor balin book.png
sysctl dev | less Display configured devices.
sysctl hw.model Display CPU model. Jean victor balin book.png
sysctl hw.machine_arch Display CPU Architecture Jean victor balin book.png
sysctl hw.ncpu Display number of CPUs. Jean victor balin book.png
uname -vm Get release version information. Jean victor balin book.png
uname -a Get release version and user.pc information Jean victor balin book.png
freebsd-version print the version and patch level of the installed base system: FreeBSD, Info is located /bin/freebsd-version on your system Jean victor balin book.png
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