Using OctoPkg to Install Software

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Instead of using the terminal and the command line to install software, you can now use a simple, easy to use GUI (graphical user interface) called OctoPkg. This comes preinstalled with GhostBSD.

To use OctoPkg go to the applications menu and then go to System and then click on OctoPkg. You will then be required to enter your administrator (root) password. Octopkg will then automatically synchronize databases, updating the repository and allowing you to install your software from the GhostBSD repository. You will see the output of this on the bottom pane of the GUI.

To install a software package, simply enter the name of the package and press enter. For example enter "catfish" (without quotes) and catfish will come up, showing the version number and the package size. Be careful when searching for packages that you don't enter "too much" in the search box. For example, there is a package called "android-file-transfer". If you enter in the search box "android file transfer" nothing will come up. Simply enter "android" or the exact package name (android-file-transfer) and select the version you want.

After searching for catfish and seeing it show up, simply right-click on this and select install.

Then click on the green tick mark (check mark) on the upper left. A confirmation screen will appear. Click "Yes" to install package or click "Run in terminal" install using terminal or "No" to cancel. After selecting "Yes" the package will install and you will see the output in the bottom pane.

To install another package, click on the globe icon next to the search box and enter the package name and follow the above procedure again.

To delete a package, search for the package in the search box, right-click then click "Remove" and click on the green tick mark, confirm and the package will be removed.