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Welcome to theIcon Disti GhostBSD.png Audio Player
App/Package Abstract Addition or Link
amarok KDE music player, internetradio, Jamendo,, podcasts 1329059652.png
audacious Internetradio, 1329059652.png
abraca GTK2 client for the XMMS2 music player 1329059652.png
aqualung Music player with rich features 1329059652.png
atunes Full-featured audio player and manager developed in Java 1329059652.png
clementine Cross-platform music player based on Amarok 1.4, internetradio, Jamendo,, Spotify, Magnatune, podcasts 1329059652.png
cmus Console-based music player with really cool features 1329059652.png
cplayer Curses-based front-end for various audio players Icon FreeBSD.png
deadbeef Ultimate music player for Unix-like systems, internetradio, 1329059652.png
decibel-audio-player Fast GTK+ audio player with an clean and user friendly interface Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
elisa Audio player with QML and KDE Plasma integration 1329059652.png
exaile Full featured python-based music player for GTK+ 1329059652.png
fcplay Future Composer Reference Player 1329059652.png
festalon Command line player for .nsf and .hes audio files 1329059652.png
flac123 Command-line player for flac audio files 1329059652.png
forked-daapd DAAP (iTunes), MPD (Music Player Daemon) and RSP (Roku) media server 1329059652.png
freevo Open source digital jukebox Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png 1329059652.png 1329059652.png
gbemol Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon 1329059652.png
gnome-music GNOME music playing application 1329059652.png
gogglesmm Music collection manager and player 1329059652.png
gmusicbrowser 1329059652.png
gqradio player for internetradio 1329059652.png
harp Minimalist audio player 1329059652.png
herrie Small command line interface music player 1329059652.png
ifp-line Command line interface to iRiver music players 1329059652.png
jack-smf-utils Standard MIDI File file player and recorder for JACK MIDI 1329059652.png
JuK 1329059652.png
ksmp3play Curses-based MP3 player 1329059652.png
lxmusic LXDE music player based on xmms2 1329059652.png
lollypop internet radio 1329059652.png
madplay Madplay MP3 player (part of MAD project) 1329059652.png
mikmod Mod player which plays MTM, STM, XM, MOD, S3M, ULT, UNI, and IT mods 1329059652.png Icon FreeBSD.png
mixx DJ audio player with mixing feature 1329059652.png
moc player on cli 1329059652.png
modplugplay Command-line music mod player using libmodplug 1329059652.png
mous Simple yet powerful audio player 1329059652.png
mp3blaster player on cli MP3 and OGG Vorbis 1329059652.png
mpg123 Command-line player for MPEG Layer 1, 2, and 3 audio files 1329059652.png
mpg321 Command-line MP3 player, compatible with mpg123 1329059652.png Icon FreeBSD.png
mpiosh Digit@lway MPIO MP3 player tool 1329059652.png
mpdcon MPD client for GNUstep 1329059652.png
musikcube Terminal-based music player, audio engine, metadata indexer, server Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
pms ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
musiccontrol Advanced music player 1329059652.png
musicpc Command line client for the musicpd 1329059652.png
musikcube Terminal-based music player, audio engine, metadata indexer, server 1329059652.png
mythplugin-mythmusic Music playing plugin for MythTV 1329059652.png
ncmpc Ncurses client for the musicpd 1329059652.png
ncmpcpp Ncurses mpd client, clone of ncmpc with some new features 1329059652.png
nosefart Nintendo music player 1329059652.png
ocp Legendary Open Cubic Player Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
openspc Command-line player for .spc and .zst files 1329059652.png
p5-Net-DAAP-Client Client for Apple iTunes DAAP service 1329059652.png
p5-xmms2 Perl Bindings for XMMS2, XMMS2 is a redesign of the XMMS music player 1329059652.png
penguinsap Command-line Atari(TM) .sap player 1329059652.png
pianobar Command-line Pandora online radio player 1329059652.png
pithos Pandora client for the GNOME desktop,cli Icon FreeBSD.png
play Simple audio file player Icon FreeBSD.png
playmidi MIDI player 1329059652.png
pragha Lightweight music player, 1329059652.png Icon FreeBSD.png
py27-mpd Python MPD client library 1329059652.png
py27-mpd2 Fork of the Python MPD client library 1329059652.png
py27-mpdbrowser GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD) Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
quimup Qt5 client for MPD (the Music Player Daemon) 1329059652.png
quodlibet internetradio,,, Musicbrainz, podcasts 1329059652.png
qmmp-qt5 internetradio, scrobbeln, 1329059652.png Icon FreeBSD.png
rage EFL video and audio player with some extra bells and whistles Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
rhythmbox internetradio,,, podcasts 1329059652.png
rplay Network audio player 1329059652.png Icon FreeBSD.png
s3mod MOD/S3M player 1329059652.png
sayonara Small, clear, and fast Qt-based audio player, Internetradio,, podcasts, soundcloud 1329059652.png
sdl_sound SDL audio library and player for some popular sound file formats Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
shairplay Portable AirPlay server implementation Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
shairport-sync AirPlay audio player with multi-room audio synchronisation capability 1329059652.png
sidplay Commodore SID music player using libsidplay2 1329059652.png
sidplayer C64 SID tune player 1329059652.png
simplemod Minimalistic module player 1329059652.png
siren Text-based audio player 1329059652.png
smplayer Complete front-end based on Qt for mplayer 1329059652.png
somafm-cli Listen to SomaFM in your terminal using mpv 1329059652.png
sonata Elegant music player for MPD Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
splay Audio player that decodes MPEG Layer 1/2/3 and WAV files 1329059652.png
squash Learning console-based MP3/OGG player 1329059652.png
stymulator Command-line Yamaha YM2149 (.ym) chiptune player 1329059652.png
tcd Simple, user-friendly ncurses-based CD player 1329059652.png
timidity Software MIDI player 1329059652.png
traverso Digital audio workstation (DAW) with an innovative user interface Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
tuxguitar Multitrack tablature editor and player 1329059652.png
tuneradio CL FM radio 1329059652.png
umodplayer Console module player 1329059652.png
vgmplay Command-line player for VGM (video game music) files 1329059652.png
vitunes Curses-based media player with vim-like keybinds 1329059652.png
wavplay Wav player and recorder Icon FreeBSD.png
wildmidi Simple software midi player and core softsynth library 1329059652.png
wmmp Dockable musicpd client applet for Window Maker Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
workman Open Look-based CD player tool Icon FreeBSD.png
xcd Tcl/Tk CD player Icon FreeBSD.png
xcdplayer CD player for X Icon FreeBSD.png
xhippo Generic music player for Unix-like systems Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
ximp3 Simple console MP3 player Icon FreeBSD.png
xmcd Motif CD player 1329059652.png
xmp Player for many different Amiga and PC module formats 1329059652.png
xmradio FM tuner 1329059652.png
xwave Audio player/recorder/editor for the X Window System Icon FreeBSD.png
zinf GTK-based MP3 player 1329059652.png
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