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App/Package Abstract Addition or Link
gstreamer Development framework for creating media applications [1],[2]
gstreamer-ffmpeg GStreamer plug-in for manipulating MPEG video streams [3],[4]
gstreamer-plugins GStreamer written collection of plugins handling several media types [5],[6]
gstreamer-plugins-all Meta-port of all gstreamer plugins with options
gstreamer-plugins-annodex Gstreamer annodex CMML plugin [7],[8]
gstreamer-plugins-bad Bad gstreamer-plugins [9],[10]
gstreamer-plugins-bz2 Gstreamer bz2 plugin [11],[12]
gstreamer-plugins-core Core set of typical audio and video gstreamer-plugins [13]
There are more then 60 additional packages for the gstreamer framework. Please look at FreeBSD ports for more information.
qt5-multimedia Qt audio, video, radio and camera support module [14],[15]
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