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Help us to keep GhostBSD free, GhostBSD is a free and open operating system who is not sustained by any company like PC-BSD and Ubuntu are. We believe GhostBSD needs to remain free of charge, to keep GhostBSD free and have a full time development team without funding support is nearly impossible.

The goal of GhostBSD is to offer the best BSD desktop system experience to compete with other systems. GhostBSD needs full time developers to help us achieve our goal, please consider supporting the project financially, we are hoping that at some point we will be able to fund full-time developers. Table of content

   Google AdSense

Google AdSense. What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Why Google AdSense?

GhostBSD needs constant sources of revenue to meet certain needs, Google AdSense helps GhostBSD achieve its goals. Does Google AdSense is good source of revenue?

Google AdSense generates a small amount of revenue, GhostBSD's website does not have a huge amount of traffic which doesn't generate much revenue on impression basis, but any little amount of revenue helps funding the development. Donation. Why donate to GhostBSD?

Donating will give the opportunity to help the future development of GhostBSD. GhostBSD is developed on free time, most of us have family, jobs and other projects. Due to time and money restrictions we are limited to what we can offer which is why we need your donations. Keeping GhostBSD free of charge without funding support is nearly impossible. How can I donate?

For the moment we're using Paypal, you can also send a check or Money Order to: GhostBSD project 11 Apt 1 Connaught Avenue Moncton NB Canada E1C3N3 How much should I give?

Theres no bad amount, a penny or a 1000, every little bit helps and is very appreciated.

Make a donation

We would love to acknowledge everyone who donates to GhostBSD, but we also would like to respect your privacy. GhostBSD will not sell or provide your address, phone number, or email address to anyone, nor will we send you unsolicited mailings. Please indicate if you wish to make your donation anonymously through PayPal by indicating this in the "Optional Note" field. Otherwise, if paying by check, please write this on your check. If you do not see your name, or it is incorrect, please let us know by sending an email to ghostbsd at gmail dot com. We will only publish the name of the actual donor. Sponsorship. Who can be a Sponsor?

An individual, a project or a company who provides a monthly donation to help GhostBSD financially. Sponsor benefits.

As a sponsor, your name, project or company will automatically be associated with the success of GhostBSD. You will have your companys banner or logo placed in the sponsor page with a link to your website. The 5 top sponsors appear on every page of the GhostBSD website. Also all sponsors will appear in our monthly Report, on the website, forums and announcement mailing list and we link this report to all GhostBSD social networks. How much to give?

The amount of donation is determined by the sponsor. We consider all support very important, no matter how big or small. What benefits GhostBSD.

GhostBSD benefits from a predictable source of constant income. This is the best form of financial support, for there is a great possibility it will allow us to launch a full time development team for GhostBSD.

Become a sponsor Partnership

We are always interested in new partnerships, any help we can provided or obtain is most appreciated. If your business or project is interested in building a partnership with us, email us and join the fun