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The purpose of this tool is quickly generate live images for GhostBSD.


  • Build GhostBSD from packages
  • Mate, XFCE, Cinnamon and KDE desktop environments
  • Hybrid DVD/USB image

Graphics support[edit]

  • Compatible with VirtualBox, VMware, NVIDIA graphics out of box
  • SCFB support with automatic best resolution for UEFI enabled systems with
  • Intel/AMD graphics

System requirements for Latest version of GhostBSD[edit]

  • 20GB of free disk space
  • 4GB of free memory

Note: GhostBSD 19.09 and later should be used to build ISO.


Initial setup[edit]

Install the required packages

pkg install git transmission-cli rsync

Make sure to have linux64 kernel module loaded

kldload linux64
sysrc -f /etc/rc.conf kld_list="linux64"

Clone the repo[edit]

git clone

Starting a build[edit]

Enter the directory for running the LiveCD build script:

cd ghostbsd-build

To build a GhostBSD with MATE as default desktop



./ -d mate

Option: To build GhostBSD with XFCE as default desktop

./ -d xfce

Option: To build GhostBSD with Cinnamon as default desktop

./ -d cinnamon

Option: To build GhostBSD the default KDE desktop

./ -d kde

Option: To build GhostBSD release MATE desktop

./ -r release


./ -d mate -r release

Option: To build GhostBSD development MATE desktop iso



./ -d mate -r devel

Make an Image[edit]

Burn an image to cd:

cdrecord /usr/local/ghostbsd-build/iso/GhostBSD19.10.iso

Write an image to usb stick:

dd if=/usr/local/ghostbsd-build/iso/GhostBSD19.10.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=4m


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