Installation Summary and Progress

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Installation Summary and Progress

Pre-installation Summary[edit]

This window gives the opportunity to look at the installer configuration before going further.

Figure 2.9a: Summary


(This screen may look a bit differently on later versions.)

Installation Progress[edit]

Once you select Install to start the installation, a progress screen, seen in Figure 2.9b, provides a progress bar and messages so that you can watch the installation's progress.

Figure 2.9b: Installation Progress


The installation time depends upon the speed of your hardware and the version of GhostBSD you choose. A typical installation takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

Installation Error[edit]

The screen shown in Figure 2.9c appears when the installation fails.

Figure 2.9c: installation error

To help use find and fix this issue please see Installation Troubleshooting


Installation Success[edit]

The screen shown in Figure 2.9d appears once the installation is successfully completed.

Figure 2.9d: Installation Completed


Click the Restart button to reboot into your GhostBSD installation. Wait until the system exits the GUI before removing the installation media.