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Welcome to theIcon Disti GhostBSD.png Multimedia Player
App/Package Abstract Addition or Link
baka-mplayer Qt 5 multimedia player based on libmpv 1329059652.png
bino 3D video player with multi-display support 1329059652.png
deforaos-player DeforaOS desktop media player 1329059652.png
dragon-player KDE multimedia player with a focus on simplicity 1329059652.png
freevo Open source digital jukebox Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png 1329059652.png 1329059652.png
gecko-mediaplayer Multimedia browser plugin for Gecko based browsers Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
gmerlin Multimedia framework Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
gnome-mplayer GNOME frontend for MPlayer 1329059652.png
gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayer MPRIS2 extension for the GNOME3 shell 1329059652.png
gnome-twitch GTK+ Twitch livestream player 1329059652.png
gtk-youtube-viewer GTK Search and play YouTube videos streaming in MPlayer 1329059652.png
gst123 Command-line tool to play audio and video files Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
gxine Alternative GUI for the Xine media player 1329059652.png
iriverter Cross-platform frontend to mencoder Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
kaffeine Multimedia player based on KDE and VLC 1329059652.png
kdemultimedia KDE Multimedia applications (meta port) 1329059652.png
kf5-kmediaplayer KF5 plugin interface for media player features, KMediaPlayer builds on the KParts framework to provide a common interface for KParts that can play media files. 1329059652.png
kmplayer KDE frontend to Phonon / KDE5 1329059652.png
kodi Award winning media center application Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
lumina-mediaplayer Streaming media player from the Lumina Desktop Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
mate-media Multimedia applications for the MATE desktop 1329059652.png
mpc-qt Qt 5 clone of Media Player Classic based on libmpv 1329059652.png
mpeg2play Program to play mpeg-2 movies on X displays, a player for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video bitstreams. It is based on mpeg2decode by the MPEG Software Simulation Group.
mpeg_play program to play mpeg movies on X displays
mplayer High performance media player supporting many formats 1329059652.png
mpv Free and open-source general-purpose video player 1329059652.png
omxplayer Raspberry Pi video player 1329059652.png
plugger Multimedia front-end plugin for Mozilla or Opera Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
pymp Lean, flexible frontend to MPlayer written in Python Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
qmmp-qt5 Qt5-based multimedia player Icon FreeBSD.png 1329059652.png
rage EFL video and audio player with some extra bells and whistles 1329059652.png
smpeg Free MPEG1 video player library with sound support 1329059652.png
smplayer Complete front-end based on Qt for mplayer 1329059652.png
smplayer-skins Skins for SMPlayer (Skinnable GUI) 1329059652.png
smplayer-themes Themes for SMPlayer 1329059652.png
smtube SMPlayer YouTube browser 1329059652.png
snappyplayer Open source gstreamer media player 1329059652.png
swfdec-gnome Gtk flash player and thumbnailer 1329059652.png
totem Gstreamer-based video player for the GNOME 3 Desktop 1329059652.png
vlc Qt based multimedia player and streaming server 1329059652.png
parole Lightweight media player for Xfce4 based on GStreamer 1329059652.png
xine multimedia player 1329059652.png
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