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The pc-sysinstall utility is a hybrid backend for installing FreeBSD/GhostBSD. When run in install mode it takes a configuration file and performs an installation according to the parameters specified in the configuration file. When called with one of the system query commands it provides information about the system to aid a front end in building an appropriate configuration file. Pc-sysinstall is used by GBI.

It is still used and maintained for TrueOS.

General Information[edit]

You can find general information on GitHub

GhostBSD is based on FreeBSD. The Package is also in the GhostBSD repositories

GhostBSD imports latest pc-sysinstall from in-tree trueos version.

Here is a quick overview of the components used by pc-sysinstall[edit]

Source: TrueOS handbook

  • /usr/local/share/pc-sysinstall/backend/ contains the scripts used by the TrueOS® installer. Scripts have been divided by function, such as functions-bsdlabel.sh and functions-installcomponents.sh. To learn more about how the TrueOS® installer works, read through these scripts. This directory also contains the parseconfig.sh and startautoinstall.sh scripts which pc-sysinstall uses to parse the configuration file and begin the installation.
  • /usr/local/share/pc-sysinstall/backend-query/ contains the scripts used by the installer to detect and configure hardware.
  • /usr/local/share/pc-sysinstall/conf/ contains the configuration file pc-sysinstall.conf. It also contains a file indicating which localizations are available (avail-langs), an exclude-from-upgrade file, and a licenses/ subdirectory containing text files of applicable licenses.
  • /usr/local/share/pc-sysinstall/doc/ contains the help text seen if pc-sysinstall is run without any arguments.
  • /usr/local/share/pc-sysinstall/examples/ contains several example configuration files for different scenarios (e.g. upgrade and fbsd-netinstall). The README in this directory should be considered as mandatory reading before using pc-sysinstall.
  • /usr/sbin/pc-sysinstall is the script used to perform a customized installation.

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