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For beginners with GhostBSD it is a bit confusing which package manager is now working on my computer.

For now pkgng is like a synonym for pkg.

It describes, that the package manager pkgng is a new version and designed to work with versions of FreeBSD starting with 10.X. see also 4.4.1. Getting Started with pkg on the FreeBSD Handbook

That means:

To install a package with the older version of pkg you had to write:

pkg_add package name

With the new generation of pkg you have to write:

pkg install package name

More Differences between pkg and pkgng[edit]

If you like to know more about the differences between pkg (old version) and pkgng (new generation) please look in the FreeBSD Wiki

For the future: If we speak from pkg, than it means the new generation. And all further instructions you will find there: pkgng.