A Brief History of GhostBSD

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A Brief History of GhostBSD

The GhostBSD Project had its beginnings in the early part of 2009, the idea of project founders Eric Turgeon and Francois Toussaint. Our original goal was to produce a secure, installable FreeBSD Gnome live CD system. A major goal is to help new users adapt to FreeBSD. Francois Toussain and Eric Turgeon had some problems including the lack of knowledge of building a BSD system and programming it. Francois has since backed out of the project. Some of you may remember all the posts that Eric made in FreeBSD forums.

Eric Turgeon had found two projects that would help, Finstall and Freesbie. Finstall is a live CD, and it had an outdated installer. The toolkit to build finstall which had been up to that point suffering severely from the lack of good options to configure. The Freesbie was outdated but workable, and with good structure Eric Turgeon so adopted it. Eric had to study how to build FreeBSD with Freesbie and also had to think about adopting gnome for GUI and learn how to configure it.

Eric did not take long to decide to release a buggy version of his work to see the reaction on FreeBSD Forum. The feed back was pretty good. For a while now Eric has been working on a better system. He released his first 1.0 BETA in 10 Nov 2009. It was then clear that the project was on the road to perhaps becoming a reality. The first fruits of his labour produced GhostBSD 1.5 that was installable through a text-based installer to then have its first graphical installer on the 2.5 release.