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This assumes local links and greatly simplifies the process of adding or editing the navigation header for handbook pages. As you can see from the above, the navigation header overlays the page name, while a duplicate page name is placed below. The contents box is forced to appear in all pages that contain at least one header and is placed to the left beneath the line of the page name. An alternative page name is an option with the custompagename variable assignment. The home/index link should be modified within the Template:NavHeaderMiddle itself, while below may be pasted into a page with minor modifications to define what will become each link and the text for each link's alternate label. Missing or malformed link info defaults to a Navigation Header error page while properly formed but links to missing pages are added to the Special:wanted pages list. Text ought to be formatted with desired capitalization.


{{NavHeaderLast|back=<name of the previous page>|forward=<name of the next page>|custompagename=<custom page name>}}