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3D acceleration will not work on ATI or Radeon cards until FreeBSD completes its TTM[1] work (possibly in time for FreeBSD 10.0)[2]. You can still use these cards, but you will have to choose the 2D driver, and if that does not work, you will need to resort to using the Vesa driver.
GhostBSD supports 3D acceleration on most Intel graphics cards. Due to the current KMS support[1], you will not be able to switch between the graphical console and a virtual console (using Crtl+Alt+F#) when using the "sc" console driver.
Switching between graphics and text consoles will work when using the "vt" console driver, and GhostBSD right now default to "vt" console.
Nvidia Graphics
Yes! But nvidia-driver must be loaded.[2] The software can be installed easily, for example by using the (bxPKG/pkg) Package Manager or using ports as described on this page Nvidia driver installation.
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