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Welcome to theIcon Disti GhostBSD.png Applications Page.
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This page is our start point to all available applications on GhostBSD. We will also show, which applications are already installed with fresh installed OS.

Your new OS comes with a lot of preinstalled Applications

Education LibreOffice Math
Office Atril Documentviewer
LibreOffice Base
LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Draw
LibreOffice Impress
LibreOffice Math
LibreOffice Writer
MATE Dictionary
Graphic EOM Image viewer
LibreOffice Draw
MATE Colors
Internet Firefox
Telegram Desktop
Multimedia Audio
VLC Mediaplayer
Systemtools dconf-editor
Energy statistics
MATE Memory space
MATE Systemcontrol
MATE Terminal
System log viewer
Accessories Screenshot
Engrampa Archive
MATE Fonds
MATE Searchtool
MATE Calculator

In addition to these list you will find on your system a lot more preinstalled applications. We recommend to search System Administration Utilities. There are not only system tools, but also a lot of applications you can start via CLI or link them to your desktop.