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Hello friends of GhostBSD.

I have used Linux for more than 10 years.

Until now I tested GhostBSD only on VirtualBox and sometimes on bar metal.
Today (11.12.2019) I changed my OS from Debian to GhostBSD. I think GhostBSD is on a good way to be a stable OS.

I'm not a developer. This times are over and dates back to the late 70's and the beginning of the 80's with Odra-Algol and Fortran. Than I get lost in engineering and developing of products for the chemical and automotive industry.
I'm already retired but still eager for knowledge and would like to help a little on the GhostBSD wiki.

It is also a Thank You to Eric for his excellent work.

Best Regards from Germany


Test Area[edit]

1. Project

2. Distribution

3. GhostBSD Wiki

3.1 Applications

3.1.1 Desktop Components of MATE XFCE Apps KDE Apps Gnome GNUstep Enlightenment
3.1.2 Multimedia Audio Player Audio Editing Streaming Multimedia Player Video Editing Burner Media Server TV Dia Show DVD Editing CD Editing Webcam Multimedia Web Apps Sundries
3.1.3 Graphic
3.1.4 Office Applications Office PDF Personal Information Manager E-Mail Calendar Address Book Note Task Management Mind Mapping Printing Scanning Dictionary Text Editor Text Processing File Manager Connectivity Finance Science and Engineering Engineering CAD Science Astronomy Biology Chemistry Mathematics Ancestry Research Project Management Geography

3.1.5 Education
3.1.6 Games
3.1.7 Accessibility
3.1.8 Radio
3.1.9 Internet Web Browser Communication Peer to peer networking DNS FTP IRC Instant Messaging Network Management News Networking Utilities Web Utilities HTTP Server
3.1.10 Virtualization
3.1.11 Windows Applications
3.1.12 Linux Application
3.1.13 Shell
3.1.14 Sysadmin and Developer Archive Databases Devel Emulators Java Lang Ports-mgmt Security Apps Sysutils
3.1.15 X Window System X11 X11-clocks X11-drivers X11-fonts X11-servers X11-themes X11-toolkits X11-wm
3.1.16 Sundries
3.1.17 GhostBSD Addition
3.1.18 System Administration Utilities

3.2 Application Management

3.2.1 pkg
3.2.2 Software Station
3.2.3 Update Station
3.2.4 Ports
3.2.5 Applications

3.3 Desktop Environment

3.3.1 MATE
3.3.2 XFCE
3.3.3 KDE
3.3.4 GNOME
3.3.5 Cinnamon
3.3.6 LXDE
3.3.7 Openbox

3.4 Download of GhostBSD
3.5 Installation Guide = First Steps
3.6 Hardware Supported List
3.7 Tips and tricks from our community
3.8 New Here? Information for newcomers, FAQ
3.9 Network
3.10 Security
3.11 Useful Commands
3.12 System
3.12.1 Directory Structure
3.12.2 Standard Mount Points
3.12.3 Configuration Files
3.12.4 Basics
3.12.5 Users and Basic Account Management
3.12.6 Permissions
3.12.7 Pc-sysinstall
3.12.8 System Administration
3.12.9 System Administration Utilities /bin/ Tools and applications /sbin/ System Administration Utilities /usr/bin/ Tools and Applications /usr/sbin/ System tools /usr/local/bin/ Tools and Applications /usr/local/sbin/ System tools
3.12.10 Kernel Competence Sysctl Kernel Modules Modules Ports: Kld
3.12.11 Hardware detection with dmesg
3.12.12 GhostBSD Boot Process MBR and GPT UEFI OpenRC /etc/rc rc- shell /etc/rc.devd The generic hook into OpenRC /sbin/rcorder Ordering rc-scripts /etc/init.d Scripts to run OpenRC /usr/local/etc/init.d Scripts to run OpenRC /etc/rc.d Scripts automatically executed at boot and shutdown /usr/local/etc/rc.d Special scripts /etc/devd.conf Configuration file for devd(8) /etc/conf.d Initscript Configuration Files /etc/rc.conf.d Smaller configuration files /etc/defaults/rc.conf Specifies the default settings for all the available options /etc/rc.conf The global OpenRC configuration file /etc/rc.conf.ghostbsd GhostBSD specific configurations /usr/sbin/sysrc Safely edit system rc files /bin/rc-status Shows which services are running /sbin/rc-update Add or delete services /sbin/rc-service Locate and run an OpenRC service boot

4 Manuals
4.1 FAQ
4.2 For People New to Both FreeBSD and UNIX®
4.3 GhostBSD User Handbook (The Handbook is under development.)
4.4 FreeBSD Handbook
4.5 FreeBSD Porter's Handbook
4.6 Installation Guide
4.7 How To Books
4.8 Hardware Supported List
4.9 BSD Magazine
4.10 FREEBSD Man Pages (12,652 Total Pages)

5 GhostBSD Network

6 GhostBSD Connections

7 Contribution

7.1 Wiki Contributor Page
7.1.1 Rules for Design
7.1.2 Rules for Content
7.1.3 Rules for Maintenance
7.1.4 Special Pages
7.1.5 Rules for Templates
7.1.6 Rules for Navbars
7.1.7 Rules for Categories
7.1.8 Rules for Translation
7.1.9 Syntax
7.1.10 To Do Page

7.2 Helping others
7.2.1 For reporting a bug or feature request, please visit here
7.2.2 Report a bug related to the ISO or installation
7.2.3 Report Kernel issues
7.2.4 Report Software issues
7.2.5 GhostBSD-Forum
7.2.6 on Telegram

7.3 Promotion
7.4 Documentation
7.5 Development