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If you have standard texts you want to include on several pages, the template feature comes into play. Unlike extensions and media files, there is no central repository for templates. Templates can be written to save duplicating work.

Types of Templates[edit]

On this wiki we use different types of templates.

  1. Normal text module
  2. Complete pages
  3. Greeting text
  4. Navigation bares in short navbars
  5. Tables

How to create templates and to insert them in your pages, you will find help on Wikimedia


All pages, modules, text, tables and navbars have to be given a Category on the end of the text in the editing area like: [[Category:Foo]].
This is important that every contributor will find this module for integrating in his text, when it is needed. No one has to re-invent the wheel;-)

If you edit a module or navbar all changes will immediately executed on all pages where the module is integrated. No double has to be done.