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On this page we will give a short overview what can, what should and what must not be on the pages of the GhostBSD wiki.

Rules for Content[edit]

  1. If you create a new template, navbar other other tool for contributors, keep it simple and simple to use, so that a newcomer can use it too. Keep in mind, not all contributors are developers.
  2. Try to keep a page, an information short. Otherwise nobody will read it.
  3. The optical appearance of this wiki is described on the Rules for Design.
  4. The way to navigate on this wiki is shown on the Rules for Navbars page.
  5. The use of categories is given with the Rules for Categories.
  6. The goals of this wiki are on Wiki Contributor Page.

What must not be on this Wiki[edit]

  1. Racism;
  2. Insults;
  3. Spam;
  4. Trolling;
  5. Advertising; Exception: The permission is given from Ericbsd.

It will be deleted immediately.