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On this page we will describe, how to design a wiki page. We have to set some rules to get a consistent, uniform look.


  1. Start with a welcome, syntax: {{welcome}}. There is a Template:Welcome.
  2. If the page has to be a "main station" or "central station", as a starting point for other sub-pages AND if the sub-pages are connected by similar themes set a navbar (navigation bar). So you can easy change between similar theme pages and go back to the "central station".
  3. Set a link to the superior theme. So the user can go back to the main station.
  4. Each page has to get a Category. So no page will get lost. An user can search via categories. This is also important if you upload a picture or a icon. If you create a new category, please describe on the new category page what is intended with this page (do not let this link red).
  5. Start with
    1. an Introduction and
    2. a content
  6. If you like to use table, take the already used design for example on this page. It makes the wiki consistent.
  7. If you look for icons, we recommend FreSVG icons or from other open sources.
  8. If you create a link to a new page (link red), it is recommended to edit this new page also. Otherwise we get a lot of red links. This is not help. If you don't have time to do it, let the letters black. It looks better. Make a notice on the To Do Page on the table What Should be Done.