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GhostBSD has started as a hobby in 2009 from Eric Turgeon and Francois Toussaint. See: A Brief History of GhostBSD

As main desktop Eric choose 1329059652.png MATE. Here you can get additional information about our Desktop Environment.

It is simply a question of manpower.

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The Base[edit]


GhostBSD is based on TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE with our twist to it. We are still continuing to use TrueOS for OpenRC, and the new package's system for the base system that is built from ports.
In short: GhsotBSD = FreeBSD + Stuff that is not suported on FreeBSD

GhostBSD is becoming a slow-moving rolling release base on the latest TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE. When FreeBSD 13 STABLE gets released, GhostBSD will be upgraded to TrueOS with FreeBSD 13 STABLE.

In the Press about FreeBSD[edit]

Who use FreeBSD[edit]

  • It is used mainly on servers because of its stability. Who uses it: for examble Netflix or WhatsApp. Source:Thomas Krenn
  • List of products based on FreeBSD see Wikipedia

GhostBSD Project Goals[edit]

The goals of the GhostBSD Project are to provide:

  • A simple, elegant desktop environment to support your day-to-day computing needs.
  • Easy to use software management program for installing any of the 32,000 available applications.
  • Linux binary compatibility to run almost any GNU/Linux application.
  • Well-designed graphical installation programs.
  • Automatic hardware (e.g., video, sound, network, devices) detection and configuration.
  • A hardened 64-bit BSD system that is unaffected by malware, viruses, spyware, and malfeasance.
  • OpenZFS support for modern amd64 systems.
  • The best user experience possible.


Main Developers[edit]


Community Developers[edit]

There are a lot of developers around the world who are interested in GhostBSD and show how to install other desktop environments.

See also: Community Build