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rc - shell
The generic hook into OpenRC.
Ordering rc-scripts
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts to run OpenRC
Scripts automatically executed at boot and shutdown
Special scripts
Configuration file for devd(8)
Initscript Configuration Files
Smaller configuration files
Specifies the default settings for all the available options.
The global OpenRC configuration file
GhostBSD specific configurations
Safely edit system rc files
Shows which services are running
Add or delete services
Locate and run an OpenRC service
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This /etc/conf.d directory generally contains configuration files for the initscripts. This directory becomes important when using OpenRC init system (which is enabled by default).


Name Description
/etc/conf.d/bootmisc Wipe the tmp paths completely or just selectively remove known; Write the initial dmesg log into /var/log/dmesg after boot; Save the previous dmesg log to dmesg.old
/etc/conf.d/fsck file system consistency check and interactive repair
/etc/conf.d/ipfw User interface for firewall, traffic shaper, packet scheduler,

in-kernel NAT.

/etc/conf.d/ldconfig configure the shared library cache
/etc/conf.d/localmount Stop the unmounting of certain points. This could be useful for some NFS related work. Mark certain mount points as critical.
/etc/conf.d/moused pass mouse data to the console driver
/etc/conf.d/netmount You will need to set the dependencies in the netmount script to match the network configuration tools you are using. This should be done in this file by following the examples below, and not by changing the service script itself.
/etc/conf.d/powerd system power control utility
/etc/conf.d/rarpd reverse ARP daemon
/etc/conf.d/savecore save a core dump of the operating system
/etc/conf.d/staticroute Static routes are defined differently depending on your operating system, so please be sure to use the correct syntax. Do not use this file to define the default route. In all settings, multiple routes should be separated using ; or new lines.
/etc/conf.d/swap If you are only using local swap partitions, you should not change this file. Otherwise, you need to uncomment the below rc_before line followed by the appropriate rc_need line.
/etc/conf.d/syscons the console driver
/etc/conf.d/tmpfiles Extra options for
/etc/conf.d/urandom Sometimes you want to have urandom start before "localmount" (say for crypt swap), so you will need to customize this behavior. If you have /var on a separate partition, then make sure this path lives on your root device somewhere.
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