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GhostBSD is a Unix-like operating system for desktop usage. It is based on FreeBSD and offers the MATE (default) and Xfce (alternative) desktop environments. GhostBSD aims to be easy to install and offer an out of the box desktop system that is easy to use. The project goal is to combine security, privacy, stability, usability, openness, freedom and to be available for everybody free of charge.


The name GhostBSD originally stood for GNOME hosted on BSD since it begun as an effort to provide a ready-to-run GNOME desktop on FreeBSD. The main desktop has been changed to the GNOME 2 fork MATE and the project offers alternative desktop environments like Xfce as well. These desktops have in common that they use the GTK toolkit and therefore GhostBSD now means GTK hosted on BSD.

Version history