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Welcome to theIcon Disti GhostBSD.png Wiki.
Here you will find a steady growing collection of tutorials and troubleshooting.

Main Stations
Icons-390.jpgApplications Chest-of-Drawers-icon.pngApplication Management
Computer-On-icon.pngDesktop Environment Archive-icon.pngDownload of GhostBSD
48px-Gnome-system-log-out.pngFirst Steps 48px-Gnome-network-workgroup.pngHardware Supported List
48px-Help-browser.png Tips and tricks from our community 48px-Network-idle.png Network
48px-Face-devil-grin.pngNew Here? Information for newcomers 48px-Gnome-security-high.pngSecurity
48px-Gnome-system-run.pngSystem TerminalSVG.pngUseful Commands
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The GhostBSD Wiki is the source of information about the GhostBSD project and distribution.

The goal is to provide high quality documentation and a place for collaboration on all parts of the project. This is done in a well structured, standardized and easy readable way. Content is created, edited and refined by all community members.

Additional Information

If you do not find any information on this page so far, it is a good idea to start with the Manuals or go to the GhostBSD Network.
Have a lot fun.

Main Stations

In the style of railroads we connect all "main stations" to this page. So you can easy navigate through all our pages.