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The internal Network

The GhostBSD internal network shows all starting point where users meet people from all around the world, also the developers, ask questions, get answers, get help, can help, chat...

GhostBSD Forums

You can

  • read announcements
  • give feedback
  • ask questions
  • give and get tips and tricks
  • and much more


You can use the messenger Telegram to chat with us. Search for GhostBSD. This is the fastest way to get answers, because a lot of members are always online.
For example: on 18.12.2019; 16:00 CET: 359 members, 49 online


Join our IRC chat room on #ghostbsd on GhostBSD users and developers are online now, ready to help, share knowledge.

Development Group

Development group: @GhostBSD_dev