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The kldstat utility displays the status of any files dynamically linked into the kernel.

The following options are available:

Option Description
-h Display the size field in a human-readable form, using unit suffixes instead of hex values.
-v Be more verbose.
-d Show the module specific data (as int, unsigned int and unsigned long)
-i id; Display the status of only the file with this ID.
-n filename; Display the status of only the file with this filename.
-q Only check if module is loaded or compiled into the kernel.
-m modname; Display the status of only the module with this modname.


With the command:
without any option will give you something like this:

Id Refs Address Size Name
1 64 0xffffffff80200000 2bf6b58 kernel
2 1 0xffffffff82df7000 ed08 aesni.ko
3 1 0xffffffff82e06000 3acdd0 zfs.ko
4 2 0xffffffff831b3000 a430 opensolaris.ko
5 3 0xffffffff831be000 88520 vboxdrv.ko
6 1 0xffffffff83247000 26160 fuse.ko
7 1 0xffffffff8326e000 1e8c8 geom_eli.ko
8 1 0xffffffff83521000 8830 tmpfs.ko
9 1 0xffffffff8352a000 3614 geom_uzip.ko
10 1 0xffffffff8352e000 2e80 xz.ko
11 1 0xffffffff83531000 1a80 fdescfs.ko
12 1 0xffffffff83533000 2968 ums.ko
13 2 0xffffffff83536000 3d620 linux.ko
14 4 0xffffffff83574000 3148 linux_common.ko
15 1 0xffffffff83578000 35490 linux64.ko
16 1 0xffffffff835ae000 5814 cuse.ko
17 1 0xffffffff835b4000 962300 nvidia.ko
18 1 0xffffffff83f17000 4950 linprocfs.ko
19 2 0xffffffff83f1c000 2ce0 vboxnetflt.ko
20 2 0xffffffff83f1f000 9be0 netgraph.ko
21 1 0xffffffff83f29000 16e0 ng_ether.ko
22 1 0xffffffff83f2b000 3f30 vboxnetadp.ko
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These kernel modules are already loaded.