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On this page we would like to give you some rules for developers, how to contribute code and how things need should be done. The following guidline is derived from a statement of Eric Turgeon at 13.06.20 as founder and leader of this project with remarks from Vic Thacker at 30.05.20 on Telegram.


In the meantime, for those that GhostBSD Github members.

  1. The only official supported desktop is MATE. The other DE's are community releases. That might change in the future, but for now, the main focus is MATE. Nevertheless the same rules apply to the ports and changes to ghostbsd-build and all the other tools.
  2. For ports, make sure new or update port does not change or override a file from other ports, including config files. With other words: ports have only to care about themselves. All files that ports installed need to be tracked, except config files.
  3. Follow the The FreeBSD porters Handbook for test or the guideline to make ports. A useful tool is portlint to verify the port is done right.
  4. When it comes to the GhostBSD tools, including ghostbsd-build, work on sorted tickets. If there is no ticket, no code gets in unless it is new port or port updates.
  5. Please do not create a ticket with questions. It will close immediately with a reply message to join GHostBSD forums or Telegram for questions.
  6. If you have an idea, share it with everyone on Telegram. If the idea is good, a ticket will be done.
  7. If you work on a non-official GhostBSD, like XFCE, let everyone know on Telegram, what you are working on, to make sure no one oversteps on other's works.
  8. Don't start something that will affect any GhostBSD tool and / or GhostBSD itself without a sorted ticket. The main reason is unplanned changes can affect other's work and affect the main project.
  9. The main point is, to communicate with all people who are working on GhostBSD. Transparency is important to avoid frustrations. That want to contribute may become a concern to ensure effective teamwork.
  10. If you work with a team spirit in mind and have proved your self you will get a member of the developer team.
  11. Each change needs to be tested by the developer, and peer reviewed. It is a standard software development practice. We are looking at having more discipline in our practice as the number of programmers increase. It will improve and help ensure code quality, better documentation, and communication within the group.

For anyone who is not happy with this can start his/her own project.