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Development Contributor Page
Porters Guideline Guideline: How to Contribute Code
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It is often the same: If a newcomer steps in a running project, he or she think they have to reinvent the wheel. Some users say: "Wouldn't it look a program prettier this way?" or "I would like to change the name or the logo of this project, because it would be cooler or it seems out of date" and so on.

The more people work on a project the more necessary is it, to follow some simple rules, to ensure a save workflow to build GhostBSD releases. For this project is it important to get a clear structure, open communication, and transparency.

So we will describe some guidelines and rules for those people, who are like to contribute tho GhostBSD as a developer.

Developing on GhostBSD[edit]

The GhostBSD System is installed and you are ready to start programming. But where to start?

The first and most important step is: ASK QUESTIONS, ASK Eric on Telegram.

There is a group on Telegram: GhostBSD Dev. Describe you background, you knowledge and ask Eric, were to begin.

We recommend to read first

For anyone who is not happy with this guidelines can start his/her own project.

Additional Information[edit]

It is also recommended to read

to understand the basics.