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On this page we will collect some tips and tricks from users to users. It is not always sure, that a tip helps for your issue, but if so, you can comment on the Discussions page or write you solution in this list with your name as source.

It is not a forum. If you have a question and no answer yet, go to GhostBSD Forums.
But if you got a solution for your issues, you are welcome to describe it here in a short way.

Some proposals need to get there own pages, because of there volume. (see the blue links)

Tips and Tricks[edit]

How to move from Trident to GhostBSD?[edit]

Here you will find a Step by step tutorial on GitHub.

How to install GhostBSD/FreeBSD on a ThinkPad T530.[edit]

Here you will find a guide to a fully functional installation

How to install VirtualBox on GhostBSD[edit]

Guide to install VirtualBox on GhostBSD

How to find Software on GhostBSD[edit]

How to find multiple interface language packs on GhostBSD[edit]

How to get some Information about your running system[edit]

  • Get some system information, kernel version, release date by using sysctl
  • With

uname -a
You get: FreeBSD slughorn.ghostbsd-pc.home 12.1-STABLE FreeBSD 12.1-STABLE GENERIC amd64
It is a summary of kernel information, you can get with sysctl NAME.

Search for Files in GhostBSD[edit]

There is a very useful application called catfish that can be used to search your computer for files. Read more on the GhostBSD Forum. Author: Neville Goddard

How to Run Orchestrator on Ghost/FreeBSD[edit]

Use this tip: percona

How to set openrc parallel service startup[edit]

Put in
"But I don't think it works properly yet."
Source: Neville Goddard on Telegram on 16.02.2020 at 15:40

How is the battery optimization for GhostBSD[edit]

Eric Turgeon, [21.02.20 11:50] [In reply to Jared] sudo rc-update add powerd default helps a lot.

Some issues with WLAN/WiFi[edit]

Proposals from the community see on special page WLAN

Using Ports[edit]

"Don't use FreeBSD ports via portsnap on GhostBSD Install it from GhostBSD ports
sudo git clone /usr/ports
Source: ericbsd

Looking for devtools?[edit]

"Devtools are not installed by default" on GhostBSD You have to install them:
sudo pkg install os-generic-userland-devtools Source: ericbsd


"Very importent when I send the next @GhostBSD packages everone that use drm-fbsd12.0-kmod need to make a sudo pkg upgrade -f drm-fbsd12.0-kmod or pkg upgrade -f if not on reboot you will have a kernel panic at less for intell."
Source: Eric on Telegram 4.2.2020 15:23

Like to change the display manager[edit]

sudo rc-update delete lightdm
sudo rc-update add gdm
Tip from Eric on Telegram at 27.01.2020 17:09


Command scripts for auto-reboot and daemon startup|br/> See: Man Page

How to install Nvidia drivers?[edit]

Look on the linked page.

pkg is locked by an other process[edit]

sudo killall -9 pkg && sudo pkg update -f && sudo pkg upgrade -y
Suggestion from #hd_scania on Telegram on 25.01.2020 at 11:10

Migrate from Linux to GhostBSD and take your E-Mails and bookmarks with you[edit]

You would like to move from a Linux OS to GhostBSD and take your settings and E-Mails from Thunderbird and bookmarks from Firefox to GhostBSD.
Go on Linux to .thunderbird and .mozilla in your home directory and safe each folder /xyz.default and insert the contents in the folder /xyz.default-release on GhostBSD. xyz is only a replacement for bk3yc9n7 or something similar.
This worked from Debian to GhostBSD. Tested by Slughorn

Show USB devices[edit]

  • Connect USB device
  • Open a terminal
  • Change to root
  • Write: # gpart show
  • gpart will show you the device dax and the partition sx

mount NTFS[edit]

  • Do first gpart show
  • Install: ntfs-3g
  • Write: # ntfs-3g /dev/da5s1 /mnt
  • da5s1 is an example
  • /mnt is the mountpoint you wish
  • open Thunar and go to /mnt
  • Thunar shows you the content of your device and you can work with it
  • Caja does not allways

Source: Tested by Slughorn
Thanks to:user hunghung

mount FAT32[edit]

See also msdosfs

  • Do first gpart show
  • Write:# mount -t msdosfs /dev/da5s1 /mnt
  • da5s1 is an example
  • /mnt is the mountpoint you wish
  • open Thunar and go to /mnt
  • Thunar shows you the content of your device and you can work with it
  • Caja does not always

Tested by Slughorn
Thanks to:user hunghung

System sticks during shutdown[edit]

If your system sticks during shutdown at: Saving dependencies cache

  • Do:
    sudo rc-update delete savecache shutdown

That will remove save cache.
Tip from Eric

More tips and tricks[edit]

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