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GhostBSD is a Unix-like operating system for desktop usage. It is based on TrueOS (a modern downstream fork of FreeBSD) and offers the MATE desktop environment. GhostBSD aims to be easy to install and offer an out of the box desktop system that is easy to use. The project goal is to combine security, privacy, stability, usability, openness, freedom and to be available for everybody free of charge.


While GhostBSD supports all the features of the version of FreeBSD that it is built from, it also offers several features on top of that. The project offers live media that support booting into a graphical desktop. The X11 system is configured automatically during startup and usually does not require any manual configuration. An easy to use graphical installer assists in installing the operating system.

A default installation comes with a fair amount of useful software pre-installed. The user experience is further enhanced by tools like the Networkmgr which are developed as part of the GhostBSD project.


The name GhostBSD originally stood for GNOME hosted on BSD since it begun as an effort to provide a ready-to-run GNOME desktop on FreeBSD. The main desktop has been changed to the GNOME 2 fork MATE and the project offers alternative desktop environments like Xfce as well. These desktops have in common that they use the GTK toolkit and therefore GhostBSD now means GTK hosted on BSD.

Older concepts

Concept before GhostBSD 18.10

Before Version 18.10 GhostBSD was based on FreeBSD directly. So GhostBSD was based on FreeBSD RELEASE until Version 11.1. Till then there was not such a platform like TrueOS. Mid-2018 they came up with their changed concept to be a platform for other projects.

Version history

version released
GhostBSD 19.04 2019-04
GhostBSD 18.12 2018-12[1]
GhostBSD 18.10 2018-11[2]
GhostBSD 11.1 2017-11[3]
GhostBSD 10.3 2016-08
GhostBSD 10.1 2015-09
GhostBSD 4.0 2014-09
GhostBSD 3.5 2013-10
GhostBSD 3.1 2013-06
GhostBSD 3.0 2013-03
GhostBSD 2.5 2012-01
GhostBSD 2.0 2011-03
GhostBSD 1.5 2010-07
GhostBSD 1.0 2010-03