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The Main Page is the starting point to the GhostBSD ecosystem. The goal is, to connect all pages, information, manuals, news, releases, experiences, know-how, applications and so on related to GhostBSD in this wiki.


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caption The GhostBSD project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of BSD everywhere. GhostBSD creates a simple, elegant desktop BSD Operating System, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.

The project is controlled by its community and relies on the contributions of individuals, working as testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists and/or developers. The project embraces a wide variety of technology, people with different levels of expertise, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds.

GhostBSD in the News


caption The GhostBSD distribution is a stable, easy to use and complete multi-purpose distribution.

It aims towards users and developers working on the desktop. "Hotfix" GhostBSD 21.05.01 ISO's are now available.

GhostBSD comes with more than 30,000 packages of open source applications.

All desktops for GhostBSD you can find here.

GhostBSD Wiki

caption The GhostBSD Wiki is the "Central Station" for all information about applications, application management, desktop environments, download of GhostBSD, first steps, hardware supported list, tips and tricks from our community, network, information for newcomers, security and system management.


caption The Manual Page is Starting Point for FAQ, GhostBSD and FreeBSD handbooks, installation guids, How To Books, hardware supported lists, man pages and much more.

GhostBSD Network

caption The GhostBSD internal network shows all starting point where users meet people from all around the world, also the developers, ask questions, get answers, get help, can help, chat.....

GhostBSD Connections

caption GhostBSD Connections shows, who are the partners of the GhostBSD project and related projects GhostBSD is involved.


caption GhostBSD is seeking help in many areas like the promotion of the project, the documentation, the development and much more. We are always grateful for contributions and active contributors.
If you have some level of Linux/BSD experience and you're willing to help other users with technical problems, you should consider joining the forums, GhostBSD Telegram chat, and #ghostbsd IRC channel on

If you like to contribute to this Wiki, please visit the Wiki Contributor Page.
If you want to report bugs please read: Reporting issues.