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If you like to help on this wiki, this is the right place to look for contribution.
Here you get information, what you can do for help.
There are a lot of pages with tables. The left column contains the name of an application, file or tool. These names at the moment in black letters. If you think you could give us more information on a special name, make this name editable, set [[NAME]] and safe the page. Now you can edit this new page. Consider the given rules.

What can be done[edit]

Please place new tasks always on top of the following list.

To Do List
Page name Who works on it Comments
Select a chapter out of the FreeBSD Handbook, go deeper as described there, collect all information from the internet and describe it and add some examples on this wiki. So you can help others.
Add any more information to already existing pages.
See Special page: Wanted pages
Complete the application lists
Describe an application you are very familiar with.
Add special knowledge into the How To page Slughorn on the way
deskribe different filesysrems: UFS ZFS and other Slughorn planned
Rules for Translation Slughorn done
Rules for Documentation/Handbook This rules should someone describe, who works on the Handbook
Complete the Handbook
Rules for Templates Slughorn done
Rules for Content Slughorn done
Rules for Design Slughorn done
Rules for Maintenance Slughorn done
Special Pages Slughorn done
Syntax Slughorn done
Rules for Navbars Slughorn done
Rules for Categories Slughorn done
Categorize all pages and organize a category hierarchy Slughorn In progress, see also: Rules for Categories
Main Page new structure Slughorn done
Overview Page Slughorn done
GhostBSD Wiki Slughorn In progress
Applications Slughorn overview done
Application Management Slughorn done
Boot Process Slughorn done
OpenRC Slughorn done
Desktop Environment Slughorn overview done
First Steps Slughorn connected
Hardware Supported List Slughorn connected and done
Tips and tricks from our community Slughorn In progress
Useful Commands Slughorn overview done
System and its sub-pages Slughorn In progress
Kernel Competence Slughorn done
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What Should be Done[edit]

This is the place were users can propose, what should be done and if they would help to solve the task.
If someone needs help, to solve the task, he/she has to ask only.

What should be done
Task Comments Who will work on it
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