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Welcome to Icon Disti GhostBSD.png Wiki Contributor Page.

Wiki Contributor Page
Rules for Design Rules for Content
Rules for Maintenance Special Pages
Rules for Templates Rules for Navbars
Rules for Categories Rules for Translation
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This is the starting point for Wiki Contributors.
You can see on the content of the navbar and the wish list on the To Do Page, that a lot of work is not done yet. But if you like to help look for a point you are interested in, write your thoughts on the To Do Page and contribute.
This wiki has a lot of pages with tables. This tables contain lists of other lists or lists of pages, applications and so on. Most package names and some list names are in black letters. If you think you could give some more information to a package, application or list create a new page and contribute.

You get a new page if you mark the name with [[Special:MyLanguage/Foo|Foo]] on the editor page. Than safe this change. You get


in red letters. Now you can start with the page Foo.

It is recommended to compare with other wiki pages, for example: How is it done on the openSUSE wiki.

The Goals[edit]

The goals are:

  • Give this wiki a simple but standardized face;
  • Don't re-invent the wheel;
  • Use the free available work of other contributors;
  • Mention the sources, were your information came from;
  • Connect all knowledge about BSD, Unix, Linux to this place;
  • Collect all tips and tricks out of the forums, telegram and other channels and share it on this wiki;
  • Make this place unique;
  • Make it as your hobby, not stress;

Places for Help[edit]

There are a lot of places you can help, for example:

  • Handbook
  • Help pages for standardized stile, pages..
  • Look at the To Do Page
  • Start with tings, where you think, it could help all users and should be done;
  • This wiki is organized like spiders web. The center is the Main Page. From here it goes in all directions. If you don't know were to begin, go to the end of a thread and look if you can contribute there.
  • Wait with translation until the pages are ready; It could likely be, that some pages will be new arranged. Or ask the author of the page.

Rules of Communication as Wiki Contributor[edit]

  1. All contributors do it in there spare time as a hobby.
  2. Be friendly and helpful.
  3. If you have any suggestions, write it on the Discussion page.
  4. You can also contact a user directly on his/her Discussion page.
  5. See also our Code of Conduct